Vortex Staff 2017-2018

Editor-In-Chief / Audrey Bauman
Audrey Bauman is a senior double majoring in Creative Writing and Linguistics, with a minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies. She’s worked for the Vortex every year since she was a freshman, and she has also copy edited for the Scroll. Eventually she wants to both write novels and work in publishing for a career, and she looks forward to many years of very little sleep. Her favorite writers include Alyssa Wong, Maggie Stiefvater, and V.E. Schwab, and she is shamelessly enthusiastic about Korean boy bands.

Assistant Editor / Ashley Nicole Hunter
Ashley Nicole Hunter is a junior pursuing a double major in Creative Writing and Religious Studies. Abandoning a career at a bank in favor of the glamorous life of a writer (ramen noodles, copious amounts of scotch, and nefarious associates), she is currently writing a novel about werewolves on food stamps. Her passions include community service, Zahn McClarnon’s jawline, and arguing in favor of ellipses and the interrobang.

Layout Editor / Paige Yutsus
Paige Yutsus is a senior double majoring in Creative Writing and Graphic Design. She served as an art judge her first year on campus, and has previously worked on The Echo as a Section Editor. She hopes to one day write her own novels and create a set of graphic novels, but wants to start out in publishing as a book jacket designer. She enjoys long romantic walks to her fridge, dyeing her hair depending on her mood, and spending every day that she’s not working with her amazing dog Archie.

Assistant Layout Editor / Sasha Caldwell
Sasha Lynette Caldwell is a native Detroiter who has always had a passion and an eye for all things artistic. Sasha began performing and showing artistic ability at the age of four with ballet and progressing to performing and eventually showing great skill in visual arts. Sasha plans to continue to explore and expand her artistic skills through new artistic mediums via the Internet and various print mediums as well as her education in graduate school after graduation in May 2018 from the University of Central Arkansas.

Copy Editor / Danny Baxter
Danny is a senior double major in English and Spanish, with a minor in Honors Interdisciplinary studies. Along with being copy editor for the Vortex, he is the Honors College ambassador chair, member of The Big Event committee, and a tutor at the Center for Writing and Communication. He is currently writing a creative nonfiction novella on bees for his Honors thesis, and hopes to someday ride a rollercoaster in space.

Assistant Copy Editor / Aaron Seward
Aaron Seward is a freshman in the Norbert O. Schedler Honors College. He is currently working towards a double major in Political Science and Public Relations with a minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies, and hopes to one day attend law school at Stanford. He enjoys reading, writing, procrastination, and binge watching The Office (the last two go hand in hand). This is his first year as a member of the Vortex staff.

PR Consultant / Karen Orozco
Karen Orozco is a current sophomore from Nicaragua, major in Public Relations with a Marketing minor. She has discovered a passion for communication, developing relationships, and working with people. With a hobby of learning languages, she now speaks three: Spanish, English, and French, and is currently learning Mandarin Chinese. This is Karen’s first year with the Vortex.

Fiction Editor / Sophia Ordaz
Sophia Ordaz is a sophomore double majoring in English and Spanish and double minoring in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Interdisciplinary Studies. In addition to serving as the Fiction Editor for the Vortex, she has held several editor positions at UCA’s student newspaper, The Echo, and is an associate editor at UReCA, the National Collegiate Honors Council’s Journal of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity. Sophia adores chihuahuas, The Great British Baking Show, ’90s hip-hop, horchata, and a good short story.

Poetry Editor / Craig Byers
Craig Byers is a senior majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Philosophy. He mostly writes poetry but occasionally writes fiction, too. He plans on getting married in December to his girlfriend of six years. Craig reads all sorts of stuff, from memoir to novels, poetry collections, and graphic novels, too. He loves Bryan Lee O’Malley, Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Pynchon, William Faulkner and all kinds of experimental poetry. This is his second year on the Vortex.

Nonfiction Editor / Tyler Hauth
Tyler Hauth is an aspiring author and Creative Writing major. Some of his favorite books are Dracula, Frankenstein, and Anna Karenina. An author who has influenced him is Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Outside of academics he is an avid outdoorsman and hunter, where many of his excursions help to inspire his writing. Tyler is excited to be on the Vortex staff this year and will work hard at insuring this edition is the best it can possibly be.

Art Editor / Rachel Hunt

Rachel Hunt is a junior majoring in Psychology, with minors in Art and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies. Kept as a pet by four generally pleasant cats. Really into cardigans, skincare, and her mug collection. Sometimes makes art, sometimes does other stuff. Her favorite artists are Van Gogh, Barbara Krueger, and Fernando Botero. She knows you’ve probably never heard of that last one, so look him up for a fun time.

Scriptwriting Editor / Johnathan Woodson
Johnathan Woodson is a senior Film major and Creative Writing minor. He was originally a philosophy minor, but that minor required significantly more work and Johnathan is a lazy boy. So lazy, in fact, that he dropped out of high school, so it’s surprising he’s made it this far in college. His goal once he graduates is to “make money.” How exactly? One could safely assume writing films or for television. A few of his favorite filmmakers include Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Jean-Luc Godard and Kanye West. “What has Kanye West done?” He’s done a thirty four minute short film for his album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” which is objectively perfect, so of course the visual representation of that album would also be perfect. Also, Johnathan’s short film “Bag of Shit” has won some awards–so that’s pretty cool.

Multimedia Editor / Caleb Patton
Caleb Patton is a sophomore majoring in Creative Writing, with a minor in Public Relations. This is his first year working with the Vortex and he’s looking forward to creating the new Vortex podcast. Inspired by shows like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Avatar: The Last Airbender, he looks forward to pursuing his career dream of writing for animation. He is currently working on an original animated series based around his love of video games and the humor that comes with playing them.

Fiction Judge / Hannah Newell
Hannah Newell is a junior at UCA who is majoring in English. She can often be found in her dorm writing, playing with her cat, or making Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. If you want random facts about fairy tales, she can probably help you out.

Fiction Judge / Jamie Ireland
Jamie Ireland is a senior majoring in Creative Writing and double minoring in African/African-American Studies and Computer Science. This is her first year as a member of the Vortex staff. She enjoys playing Super Smash Bros, forcing her friends to watch horror films, and procrastinating on her homework. She would like to write or star in an action film, do voice over for a cartoon, and eventually live in a tiny house and write angst-y young adult novels all day.

Fiction Judge / Candace Williams
Candace is a junior majoring in Creative Writing, with a minor in Religious Studies. As an avid music-lover and concert-goer, she is inspired by the lyricism of the Avett brothers, Alex Turner, Julien Baker, and David Wimbish. She enjoys writing free verse and blackout/cut-up poetry, and hopes to publish several collections as well as a few novels in the future. She also loves The Grand Budapest Hotel, pugs, Rupi Kaur, and smashing the patriarchy.

Nonfiction Judge / Autumn Harris
Autumn is a junior majoring in Creative Writing, with a minor in Spanish. This is her first year at the Vortex. She writes most of her stories about mental illness and hopes to one day publish something that will help someone with their own struggles. She is a fan of psychological thrillers in any form, and all horror movies, good and bad. Her passions in life are cooking/eating, Harry Potter, overanalyzing TV shows, and all things spooky.

Nonfiction Judge / Anna Belle Morrison
Anna Belle Morrison is a senior at UCA majoring in English and minoring in Interdisciplinary Studies and Creative Writing. She graduates in spring of 2018 and plans to attend graduate school. Anna Belle’s interests include reading and writing in a variety of genres and watching Netflix. Some of her favorite authors are Patrick Rothfuss, Ray Bradbury, Orson Scott Card, and Neal Shusterman.

Nonfiction Judge / Sarah Kapity
Sarah Kapity is a sophomore majoring in Creative Writing at the UCA Honors college. She loves writing about her mental illness and political convictions, usually in the form of poetry. She enjoys edgy artists like Allen Ginsberg and looks forward to being a starving artist one day.

Poetry Judge / Dani Devecsery
Dani Devecsery is a sophomore in the Honors College, and she loves anything and everything to do with writing, especially poetry. She is a poetry judge this year for the Vortex and hopes to be involved for the rest of her academic journey. Her interests include reading, writing, and spoiling her cat, Patches.

Poetry Judge / Brandon Gray

Brandon is a Communication major and Creative Writing minor at the University of Central Arkansas. He loves to write poetry and creative nonfiction stories, mainly about his life or environment. Some of his favorite poets include Langston Hughes and Tupac Shakur. In his spare time, he likes to hang with family and friends and listen to Hip-Hop/Rap music. This is his first year working for the Vortex and he is eager to start this new journey and help students in expressing art on and beyond campus, as well as work with and get to know the staff.

Poetry Judge / Lauren McCabe

Lauren McCabe is a sophomore majoring in Communications Sciences and Disorders, with a minor in English and Special Education. She hopes to pursue a life in New York City or Washington D.C. and work as a pediatric Speech Pathologist and journalist. This is her first year on the Vortex staff as a Poetry Judge. Some of her current interests and hobbies include writing and reading poetry, photography, jamming out to Kimya Dawson, adoption and mental health advocacy, and exploring new cities. She also loves to watch classic movies, go antique shopping, eat pasta, find obsessions with new musicals, and cuddle with her fur babies, Maddie, Penny Lane-Rigby, and Sergeant Pepper.

Poetry Judge / Shauntel Creggett
Shauntel is a UCA sophomore majoring in creative writing and double minoring in professional writing and theatre. She has a passion for writing and the Vortex. She hopes that by joining the Vortex she will help others and also expand her knowledge of the writing world. Also, follow her on Instagram. Username: shauntelrc. She is desperate for likes.

Art Judge / Tink Pendergrass

Art Judge / Megan Greene
Megan Greene is a Writing major and Art minor. She spends most of her waking hours drawing and playing video games. She hopes to make a webcomic in the near future and maybe someday a full blown comic book. She enjoys simple things. Such as the color pink, sharks, D&D, makeup, sunglasses, musical theater, and of course art. This is her first year with the Vortex and she’s stoked to be a part of it.

Scriptwriting Judge / Elizabeth Beavers
Elizabeth Beavers is a freshman majoring in Creative Writing from Fort Worth, Texas. Her passions in life are reading mystery novels, writing fiction, and hanging out with her two dogs (not necessarily in that order). In the future she hopes to be a screenwriter for television while writing novels on the side. This is her first year on the Vortex staff.

Scriptwriting Judge / Atiana Manriquez
Atiana Manriquez is an intelligent, ambitious individual with a love for coffee and dogs. She has a passion for filmmaking, and excels in directing and screenwriting. Atiana vibes with any type of music, loves watching movies, and spends a lot of time either reading or writing. She’s taking 16 hours this semester and handling it well, and is super excited to be on the Vortex 2017-2018 staff!

Multimedia Judge / Ebony Meyers
Ebony Meyers is a freshman double majoring in both Film and Psychology. She loves listening to music, more specifically Death Grips and Vaporwave. This is her first year on the Vortex staff and is excited to share weird stuff with her fellow staff members. Her hobbies include collecting rocks, participating in absurdist culture, wanting Christopher Nolan to notice her and writing scripts every ten years. She hopes to become a film director or a really cool parkour participator.

Multimedia Judge / Alyssa Miller
Alyssa Miller is a freshman pursuing a double major in Creative Writing and Theatre. She constantly tortures her peers with terrible dad jokes. This is her first year on the Vortex staff. In what little spare time she has, Alyssa writes tabletop games for her and her friends. Her hobbies include crying, baking, and listening to podcasts.

Multimedia Judge / Jennifer Cale
Jen is a freshman Biology pre-med major with a minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies and Cognitive Neuroscience. Her spare time is used up by hiking, watching/making films, and drinking coffee. Jen aspires to go to medical school and specialize in neuroscience research. If you see Jen on campus, odds are she’s probably wearing a Fayettechill shirt. This is her first year on staff.

Faculty Advisor / John Vanderslice
John Vanderslice teaches creative writing at UCA. His short stories, poems, essays, and one-act plays have been published in scores of literary journals, including Seattle Review, Sou’wester, Laurel Review, South Carolina Review, 1966, and Crazyhorse. His linked book of short stories Island Fog (Lavender Ink) was named by Library Journal as one of the Top 15 Indie Fiction Titles of 2014. His historical novel The Last Days of Oscar Wilde is forthcoming in January, 2018 from Burlesque Press. For five years he served as associate editor for UCA’s national literary journal Toad Suck Review. Now he’s excited and honored to be working with and for Vortex magazine’s spirited editors and talented undergraduate writers.