Vortex Staff 2017-2018

Editor-In-Chief / Ashley Nicole Hunter

Ashley Nicole Hunter is a junior pursuing a double major in Creative Writing and Religious Studies. Abandoning a career at a bank in favor of the glamorous life of a writer (ramen noodles, copious amounts of scotch, and nefarious associates), she is currently writing a novel about werewolves on food stamps. Her passions include community service, Zahn McClarnon’s jawline, and arguing in favor of ellipses and the interrobang.

Assistant Editor / Tyler Hauth

After editing the nonfiction section of the Vortex for two years, Tyler accepted the assistant editor position for this years edition. He’s been published in all genres of the magazine, and is currently in the process of publishing a novel. A few of his favorite books are Frankenstein, Dracula, and IT. He hopes his experience with the Vortex will help him when he applies to MFA programs in 2019. He considers the Vortex to be one of the best literary magazines in the state and is proud of the work he and the staff have put into the magazines during the 3 years he’s been a part of the program.


Layout Editor / Araya

Araya is the Layout Editor for the Vortex Magazine. She has worked for multiple publications in layout and design over five years. She is a junior working toward a BA in Art History, and is excited to see how her experiences with the Vortex will provide new opportunities after her college career.

Copy Editor / Madeline Shamburger

Madeline Shamburger is a senior at UCA studying Professional Writing and Creative Writing. She is currently the copy editor of The Vortex Literary Magazine. She is a published writer featured in various magazines. She is planning on attending graduate school for creative writing after graduation. She is currently in the process of publishing her own book of poems. Madeline can’t wait for this year working on the Vortex!

Fiction Editor / Elizabeth Beavers

Elizabeth, is a Creative Writing major from Fort Worth, Texas. As an aspiring screenwriter, she spends most of her time writing scripts, watching Netflix, and chilling with her dogs. She is overjoyed the be joining the Vortex staff for a second year.


Poetry Editor / Allison

Nonfiction Editor / Samuel

Samuel is the Non-fiction editor for this year’s Vortex. He enjoys reading stories more than writing them but wishes to get a book of his own published, someday. A little unsure of what the future holds for him, he wishes to use the vortex as a stepping stone to help prepare him for future endeavors.

Art Editor / Rachel Hunt

Rachel Hunt is a senior majoring in Psychology, with minors in Art and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies. Kept as a pet by four generally pleasant cats. Really into cardigans, skincare, and her mug collection. Sometimes makes art, sometimes does other stuff. Her favorite artists are Van Gogh, Barbara Krueger, and Fernando Botero. She knows you’ve probably never heard of that last one, so look him up for a fun time.


Scriptwriting Editor / Quade

Quade is a future comics writer and maybe novelist who was born before he was supposed to be. As such, disability is prominent in his scripts and prose. This is his first year with the Vortex where he serves as the Scriptwriting Editor.

Podcast Editor / Caleb Patton

The Creator and Host of The Vortex Podcast, Caleb is always eager to showcase and promote the amazing talent across UCA’s campus. From running D&D sessions to interviewing visiting writers, there isn’t anything he’ll turn a shy eye towards. As a Junior transitioning into his final year, he looks forward to seeing the podcast grow and passing it onto to the next generation of Vortex podcasters.


Nonfiction Judge / Lakota

Lakota is one of our non-fiction judges at the Vortex. He also has had two poems and two flash fiction pieces published from this very magazine. Though he is a psychology major, creative writing is Lakota’s passion, and he has high aspirations for his upcoming novel, “The Stalker of Shadows.”

Podcast Judge / Jack Barr

Jack Barr is a sophomore majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Film and Psychology. When he isn’t found in a corner fretting over whether that semicolon was too pretentious or not, he can be seen enjoying cinema, podcasts, or learning a new hobby (AKA: an unmarketable skill). This is Jack’s first year on staff with the Vortex and he promises to apply his numerous hours dedicated of podcast listening to good use.



Faculty Advisor / John Vanderslice

John Vanderslice teaches creative writing at UCA. His short stories, poems, essays, and one-act plays have been published in scores of literary journals, including Seattle Review, Sou’wester, Laurel Review, South Carolina Review, 1966, and Crazyhorse. His linked book of short stories Island Fog (Lavender Ink) was named by Library Journal as one of the Top 15 Indie Fiction Titles of 2014. His historical novel The Last Days of Oscar Wilde is forthcoming in January, 2018 from Burlesque Press. For five years he served as associate editor for UCA’s national literary journal Toad Suck Review. Now he’s excited and honored to be working with and for Vortex magazine’s spirited editors and talented undergraduate writers.