Season 2

Season 2

Episode 1: We’re Back!

Hello all and welcome! To those just coming to us for the first time, we can’t express how happy we are that you’ve chosen to take the time to check us out. To all those returning, WELCOME BACK! This is just a brief minisode to express how excited we are to be returning and the big plans we’ve laid down for all of your listening pleasures. Be sure to tune in for our next episode, where our host, Caleb, has a very special guest come on to talk about the work they’re currently pursuing.

Episode 2: A Chat with Lauren Shippen

Writer and Creator of The Bright Sessions podcast, Lauren Shippen, joins us on this episode to talk about her work, what’s coming up for her in the future, and how the journey to where she is now, started.

Episode 3: Meet the Crew!

This week, we sat down with the crew of The Vortex podcast and talked about our experience, interests, and pretty much everything in between. Though we did experience some technical difficulties this week, we hope that you continue to tune in and enjoy the hilarity that is sure to follow in the upcoming episodes!